MPP Student Spotlight

Tristan Hites


Tristan was born and raised in a small rural town in Idaho. In 2019, he graduated from Lewis-Clark State College with a BS in Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife Biology. After a year off working in Seattle, Tristan and his partner, along with their two dogs, moved to Tucson to begin the Master of Public Policy program in fall of 2020.

Throughout life, Tristan has worked in a wide variety of different careers, but most predominantly the government environmental sector including Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Dept. Of Environmental Quality, and King County Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks. Currently, Tristan is working as the first City of Tucson Fellow in the City Manager’s Office where he is gaining experience on how local government operates and utilizing skills from his graduate studies in a real-world setting.

From an early age, growing up in the mountains and streams of the Pacific Northwest, Tristan has been passionate about environmental issues all throughout the country, which ultimately led him down the environmental policy route. After graduating from the MPP program in May 2022, he wishes to find a rewarding career in public service!