MPP Elective Coursework

To help students select courses in areas that may develop career objectives, a list of elective coursework is available and categorized in specified concentrations.  Students are welcome to take all elective coursework from one concentration or take elective coursework from multiple concentration areas of interest.

Any coursework taken outside of SGPP will need approval from the Program Director and Graduate Programs Manager prior to enrollment.  Additionally, no more than 12 units of elective coursework may be taken outside of the School of Government & Public Policy and must be at the graduate level.  Students are responsible for adhering to this policy even if a course is approved by the department.  Please note that not every course will be offered every semester or academic year.

Full course descriptions can be found on the University of Arizona Catalog.  Course marked by *asterisks* are considered new course approvals.

To enroll in LAW courses, please submit your request here (only open during normal registration periods).

Note: Law courses at the 500-level are considered master's level, whereas 600-level courses are considered doctoral level. 

The following courses are considered approved electives within specific concentrations:

Education Policy

  • EDL 522: Critically Evaluating Education Policy Research
  • EDL 560: Trends in Educational Leadership
  • EDL 562: Arizona Education Law
  • *EDL 587: State and Local Education Policy*
  • EDL 605: Qualitative Methods in Education
  • EDL 606: Policy Analysis in Education
  • HED 601: Higher Education in the United States
  • HED 609: Organization and Administration in Higher Education

Environmental Management & Water Policy - Should you like to meet with faculty members for their expertise in this field, contact Laura Bakkensen, Liz Baldwin or Adam Henry.

  • PA 581: Environmental Policy
  • PA 584: Environmental Management
  • PA 597M: Public and Nonprofit Management Information Systems
  • AREC 575: Economics of Water and Environmental Markets and Incentive-based Policies
  • AREC 577: Advanced Topics in Water Resource Economics and Policy
  • EHS 525: Global to Local: Environmental Change and Human Health
  • GEOG 696O: Adaptation & Resilience in Water Resources Systems
  • LAW 554: Environmental Law and Policy
  • LAW 559: Public International Environmental Law
  • LAW 625B: The Colorado River in American History
  • LAW 641: Water Law (also offered as ENVS 641, GEOG 641, HWRS 641 and MNE 641)
  • LAW 669: Environmental Law
  • LAW 696I: International Environmental Law
  • PHIL 519: The Ethics & Economics of Environmental Policy (also offered as LAW 519)
  • RNR 517: Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences
  • RNR 519: Cartographic Modeling for Natural Resources
  • RNR 520: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
  • RNR 580: Natural Resources Policy and Law
  • RNR 585: The Economics and Social Connections to Natural Resources
  • RNR 615: Ecosystem Service Valuation Methods

Health Policy

  • HPS 533: Global Health
  • HPS 565: Public Health Advocacy (also available as PA 565)
  • LAW 552: Health Law
  • MGMT 538: Health Care Organization and Management (also offered as PA 538)
  • PHPM 507: Health Care Economics and Policy
  • PHPM 510: The US Health Care System
  • PHPM 568: American Indian Health Policy
  • PHPM 574: Public Health Policy and Management

Law & Criminal Justice Policy

  • LAW 507: Legal Analysis, Writing & Research
  • LAW 540A: Introduction to Human Rights Law
  • LAW 549: Introduction to International Law
  • LAW 551: Introduction to Public International Law
  • LAW 553: Introduction to Immigration Law and Policy
  • LAW 558: Introduction to Criminal Law
  • LAW 561: Legislative Analysis
  • LAW 567: Tribal Courts Practice & Procedure
  • LAW 568: Tribal Criminal Law & Procedure
  • LAW 602: Criminal Procedure (also available as PA 602)
  • LAW 650: Criminal Law
  • LAW 672: Innovation for Justice
  • LAW 672A: Innovating Legal Services

Policy Analysis

  • PA 514: Methods in Urban Planning (also available as PLG 514, EPID 514, GEOG 514)
  • PA 572: Digital Research in Politics and Policy
  • PA 597M: Public and Nonprofit Management Information Systems
  • PA 597W: Grantwriting
  • POL 583: Urban Public Policy
  • ECON 518: Introduction to Econometrics
  • GIST 601A: Geographic Information Science
  • *GLO 590: Media and Humanitarian Crises*
  • *GLO 550: Media and the Environment*
  • *GLO 555: Media and Human Rights*
  • *HRTS 500: Advancing Human Rights*
  • HRTS 501: Advancing Human Rights Organizations
  • *HRTS 502: Advancing Human Rights through Non-Governmental Organizations*
  • *HRTS 595A: Human Rights Acorss Contexts*
  • *JOUR 532: Social Justice Movement Media: History, Functions, and Theory* (also available as GWS 532)
  • LAW 507: Legal Analysis, Writing & Research
  • LAW 553: Introduction to Immigration Law and Policy
  • LAW 614B: Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
  • LAW 602: Criminal Procedure (also available as PA 602)
  • LAW 650: Criminal Law
  • RNR 503: Applications of Geographic Information Systems
  • RNR 517: Geographic Information Systems for Natural and Social Sciences


Updated 5/21/2021