Dual MPP/Water, Society & Policy MS Program

This degree program will provide a unique niche for graduate students to enhance their opportunities in industry, non-governmental organizations, and government by coupling a strong foundation in public policy with the rigor of a program focused on water science and water policy. This program will provide opportunities to explore and gain expertise in water science and resource management, policy analysis, economics, and the application of technology (e.g., assessment and analysis with GIS) to address key water-related challenges facing society.

Pursuing a dual degree program requires admission to each program (2 applications of admission).

Master of Public Policy/Master of Science in Water, Society & Policy

This dual degree program with the School of Natural Resources & the Environment allows students to earn a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and a Master of Science in Water, Society & Policy (MS) within 3 years.

MPP/WSP-MS Dual Requirements: 59 units total

  • MPP requirements: 27 units
    • 24 core units
    • 3 units of Capstone (PA 594)
  • WSP-MS requirements: 17 units
    • 9 core units
    • 2 seminar units (RNR 696W)
    • 6 units of Master's Report (RNR 909)
  • Dual elective requirements: 15 units (which can be shared between the two programs)

For questions regarding the MPP degree requirements, please contact the Graduate Programs Manager at SBS-sgppmasters@email.arizona.edu.

For questions regarding the Master of Science in Water, Society & Policy degree requirements, please contact Graduate Coordinator, Debbie Cross, at debbiecross@arizona.edu.