Costs: Tuition and Fees

According to the Tuition & Fees Calculator found on the Bursar's Office website, tuition and mandatory fees for a full-time Master of Public Policy student for the Fall 2020 semester are as follows:

Arizona Resident = $7,885.81                     Non-Arizona Resident = $17,949.31

Please note there is a $1250 program fee added to these tuition calculations.  Full-time status is defined as enrolling in 9 or more units each semester.


To find the tuition and fees calculation for the Master of Public Policy program, input the following:

Semester of Attendance > Main Campus > Graduate > Fall 2017 or After > SBS College: Gov't and Public Policy: Master of Public Policy > Arizona Domicile or Non-Arizona Domicile/International* 

Please note that if you are using QTR, there is an option in the calculator to indicate this. 

For more information on Tuition and Fees, please contact the Bursar's Office.  An estimated cost of attendance can also be found here (note this is based on part-time status only).

*For information on Residency Status, please contact the Residency Classification Office.