Accelerated Master of Public Policy

Start earning your Masters degree while completing your Bachelor’s degree!

  • Do you have a 3.3 GPA?
  • Are you a junior Criminal Justice Studies, Law, Political Science, or Public Management and Policy?
  • If you can answer YES to these questions, you may be a good fit for this program!

The Accelerated Master of Public Policy will enable academically talented University of Arizona undergraduates to complete their Bachelors (in CJS, LAW, POL, or PMPC) and the Master of Public Policy (MPP) in as little as five years of study beginning with their freshman year as an undergraduate. This program is intended for students interested in enhancing their qualifications for admission to other graduate programs (such as Ph.D. programs or J.D. programs at law schools) and for students interested in an accelerated master's program.

The program is open to University of Arizona undergraduates majoring in Criminal Justice Studies, Law, Political Science, or Public Management and Policy with a minimum 3.3 GPA. Students can apply for the program their junior year and if accepted take 12 graduate credits their senior year. They spend their fifth year completing the remaining 30 MPP units.

AMP Curriculum for MPP: All SGPP Majors

To Determine Eligibility and Apply

1. Meet with your SGPP Undergraduate Advisor.

a. Though you are welcome to meet with your advisor to ask general questions about the AMP program at any time, the appointment to formally start the application process should take place in the Spring semester prior to the Fall semester when you would begin the program. Please keep in mind that this program only accepts AMP students for the Fall semester of their senior year, and that students must be eligible to complete two semesters in the program (Fall and Spring). 

b. To start the application process, you must ask your advisor to fill out an online form during your meeting (they have access to this); if you do not ask your advisor to fill out this form in the Spring semester prior to the Fall semester in which you would start the program, you will need to meet with your advisor again.

2. Review the MPP program and find out if it is suitable for your overall academic and professional goals.

a. Feel free to contact, if you have questions about the programs.

3. Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor at the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

a. Make sure this works with your financial plans and ask any questions you may have about graduate tuition (you will pay undergraduate tuition and program fees before undergraduate graduation in the first year of the program, but graduate tuition and program fees for your final year in the program).

b. Determine how the program impacts any of your scholarships and financial aid.

4. Apply!

a. Please keep in mind that you can only apply for this program for the Fall of your senior year.

b. For general information and deadlines for the MPP Admissions process, please see the following link:

c. GradApp Online Application - The final application deadline is June 15th for admission in the Fall. It is highly recommended that you apply after your Spring semester is over, but before the June 15th deadline. This allows the admissions committee to review your most updated GPA. 

After you have been admitted to the program:

1. You must submit the Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses form. This is how you will be enrolled in graduate level classes while you are still in the undergraduate portion of your program. The Graduate Programs Manager will assist students in completing this petition to ensure all necessary signatures are obtained. Once the form is signed by all parties, the student is responsible for submitting the completed petition form to the Registrar's Office for enrollment.

2. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 for their first semester as an AMP to remain eligible for the program.

3. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all graduate level coursework to remain eligible for AMP study.



For information on the Accelerated Master's Program for the Master of Public Administration, please see the following link:

For information on the differences between a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Public Policy, please see the following link: